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    If earthquake happenedfirstlydon"t panic and calm down.Secondlyfind some safe place to stay and don"t run in such a hurry.If in the roomone should hide himself/herself under something hardsuch as desktalbe or even bed and keep away from shelf and cupboardand never take a lift to go downstairs.If in the open airfind an open place and never get close to cars or waterside.Thirdlybecause when earthquake happenthere are also lots of other troubles to take placefor example fire.So we should help each other when we meet trouble.At lastno matter how strong the earthquake isif only we have the belief to defeat it and never give upwe must be able to overcome any difficulties.如果地震发生,首先不要惊慌,冷静下来。其次,找一些安全的地方留下来,别跑这么急。如果在房间里,要把自己藏在坚硬的东西,如桌子,桌子或床和远离架子和橱柜,并且永远不要电梯下楼。如果在室外,找一个空旷的地方,不接近汽车或水边。再次,因为地震发生时,也有很多其他的麻烦发生,例如火灾。所以我们应该互相帮助,当我们遇到麻烦。最后,不管地震有多强,只要我们有信念战胜它,永不放弃,我们一定能够克服任何困难。


    Many things lost can be returned, except one thing, this is precious and fragile life. May 12, 2008, people are immersed in the Joy of the Olympic flame relay, at 14:28, Wenchuan in Sichuan province 8.0 earthquake occurred, instantly three collapse to crack, house collapse, destroyed one city after another, people"s life and death safety are fixed this moment. At this time of Sichuan has changed beyond recognition, Sichuan, Wenchuan of Sichuan, Beichuan of Sichuan, is no longer the previous great mountains and rivers, but people covered all over with cuts and bruises of blood and crying tears.

    Life is precious, this truth everyone knows, but at the moment of the earthquake, some people will live hope to others, the threat of death to their own. Deyang City East steam middle school teacher Tan Qianqiu, in the earthquake at that moment, he opened as steel arm to protect four students, that is, that has spread countless knowledge of the arm, recaptured four young lives from the hands of death. This selfless love, has gone beyond the love of teachers, but a human love.

    There is a great mother, in the advent of the earthquake, with their own body to protect the sleeping baby, undivided attention to bear the pain for him. In the last moments of her life, she wrote a text message on her cell phone: "Baby, if you are still alive, just remember that Mommy loves you." The boy was still asleep in his mother"s arms when they rescued him, but his mother had left him forever, never to see her baby again. This is the mother who gave her life for her child. A mother in heaven must have no regrets, because she loves her children. That message of love will stay with her child forever.。.

    In front of the disaster, in the moving scenes, showing the great love of the world.

    Enron of us, just can cherish life, cherish every minute every second. But we can still do our bit to support the disaster area. Do not underestimate this power, together can change the world, change tomorrow! Let us extend a helping hand together with the affected compatriots to overcome the difficulties, so that those vulnerable lives become stronger, become more hopeful!







    Strong sichuan earthquake shook the heart of every Chinese. One billion three hundred million pairs of eyes watching the same place, blood on the first line of the seismic, thousands of miles away to transfer the frequent reverberate and blessing, frontline staff to create a another the miracle of life.

    When disaster comes, you cried? With a sharp in the heart, quietly told myself: "don"t cry, strong!" Earthquake make disaster areas such as have silence, destroyed their homes, destroyed the original sound family, but love remains eternal. Mother used body to protect the lives of children, teachers care for the students with love with open arms the infant body. Too much too much love in the disaster seems to be very hard.

    When disaster comes, you heart hurt? Thousands of words have been surprised by tu as the disaster, the sincere tears can"t help sliding down the corner of my eye, is low in the ruins of the dust. Your heart tightly and search and rescue personnel heart together; Rescued after joy, tears and blood mixed together!

    When disaster comes, you mourn? Tears blurred eyes work, the suffering of the disaster area each in my mind emerge, the fear and strong with something of fragile, do not scratch soul has become the vicissitudes of life, but looked down again at the same time tightly clenched fists.

    Disaster is not terrible, because we are together, in the effort!






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