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    Hello everyone, my name is xxx, first of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for leadership of the heavy rain from Shenzhen to the Chinese laborers, give us a valuable interview opportunity. The interview opportunity for our fresh graduates, the written content is absolutely like today"s weather, rain, or say, expensive like oil!

    I am from Liaoning province Jinzhou, my mother is also an oil worker, she works in Jinzhou refinery six plants. Since my father was laid off years ago, my family life and my education depend on my mother"s income of more than 20xx dollars a month. So, I am grateful for the oil industry, without her, my college education is likely to be missing.

    In the Chinese laborers, I majored in Business administration, and just do self—introduction Zhang You and Xiu classmate, I am very sorry to say that their academic performance is only medium level, the reason is mainly two aspects, first, the Chinese laborers are indeed talented, and secondly I put a considerable amount of energy into a part—time job, Because I really need a part—time income. I have been eight students in mathematics and English tutor, participated in more than 20 campus promotions, such as Avon Cosmetics sales Test mock test, Casio electronic dictionary promotion and so on. Sales work tempered my courage and endurance, I believe that these two qualities will be helpful to my future work!

    Today I am applying for CNOOC"s "business representative" position, and to be honest, I am not quite sure what the specific job requirements are, other than what Mr. Zhang just introduced. Here, I would like to speak briefly about my own understanding, I think that this position needs such a person: first, she wants to understand and love the oil industry; Secondly, she wants to have a good image, strong expressive ability, rigorous thinking; third, as a fresh graduate, she must have a strong learning mentality and work attitude. For these three points, I am confident that I can meet, I hope that I will have the opportunity to enter the next round of interviews, then in detail to explain to you. Finally, once again express my thanks!

    大家好, 我叫XXX, 首先我想衷心感谢各位领导冒着大雨从深圳赶到华工, 给我们一次宝贵的面试机会。面试机会对于我们应届毕业生来说,笔试内容 绝对就像今天的天气, 春雨贵如油; 或者说, 贵如石油!

    我来自辽宁省锦州市, 我的母亲也是一位石油工作者, 她在锦州炼油六厂工作。由于我的父亲多年以前就下岗了, 我家的生活和我的教育全部依赖母亲每个月两千多块钱的收入。所以, 我对石油行业充满了感恩之情, 没有她, 我的大学教育很可能会缺失。

    在华工, 我所学的专业是工商管理, 和刚才做自我介绍的张优和李秀同学相比, 我非常遗憾地说, 自己的学习成绩只是中等水平, 原因主要有两方面, 一是华工的确人才济济, 二是我本人把相当一部分精力投入到了兼职工作中, 因为我确实需要兼职的收入。我累计担任了八名中小学生的数学与英语家教, 参加了二十多次校园促销, 比如雅芳化妆品促销笔试模拟试题 、 卡西欧电子字典促销等等。销售工作锻炼了我的勇气和耐力, 我相信这两种素质将会对我未来的工作很有帮助!

    今天我来申请中海石油的“商务代表”一职, 说实话, 除了张经理刚刚介绍过的工作内容之外, 我并不十分清楚具体的工作要求是什么。在此, 我谨浅显地谈谈我个人的理解, 我想, 这个职位需要这样一个人: 第一, 她要了解并热爱石油行业; 第二, 她要形象端正, 表达能力强, 思维严谨; 第三, 作为应届毕业生, 她必须具备良好的学习心态和踏踏实实的工作态度。对于这三点, 我自信自己能够满足, 我希望自己能够有机会进入下一轮面试, 届时再详细地向您阐述。最后, 再次表示我的感谢!


      i am . i was born in . i graduate from senior high school and major in English. i started learning English since i was 12 years old. My parents have a lot of American friends. That’s why i have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

      in my spare time, i like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. i used to go abroad for a short- term English study. During that time, i learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.

      i think language is very interesting. i could express one substanceby using different sounds. So i wish i could study and read more English literatures and enlarge my knowledge.初一英语自我介绍大学生英语自我介绍求职英语自我介绍






    I am a lively and cheerful girl, my name is Chen shuo, look at this name, perhaps some people will think I am a boy, actually I am a character compares extroverted girl. Because my father"s name is Chen and master"s, so the whole family wants me to be able to have a master"s degree.

    I have a black shiny hair and a horse"s tail. I have an oval face, like a small egg, in the oval face, with big, bright eyes, black eyes, like a black grape. My nose is high, my mouth is red, I never stop talking, I really like this face my mother gave me. I am twelve years old, the only child in my family, and the "apple of the eye" in the family. My father and mother spoil me.

    Learning while no one in the class, I was a minor celebrity, my popularity is very good also, have more than half of the class are my good friend, and my "bosom friend"。 Not only do I have many friends, but I also have a lot of hobbies, such as: "draw, play computer, swim, play the piano, read a book.。. . I like reading books best. When I was very young, my father bought me a lot of literacy manuals, and often read me some storybooks. I could say that my childhood was spent in the book sea. As I grew older, my book more and more, and now my house is like a small library, books are everywhere, is my own book, countless put two whole cabinet. Although I am always very economical, but I am not mean to buy books, as long as I like the practical books, and not very expensive, I will buy immediately. Sometimes I come across a good book, and because the price is too expensive to buy, I will surely turn over and cover it a few times, so every time I enter the bookstore, it will take a long time. Gorky once said, "books are the ladder of human progress." And I am convinced that good books can be with me all my life. I often miss other things because I read books, so my father and my mother often lead me to say, "read books and learn to be comfortable"。 For this, sometimes I am very vexed, want to want to go, I make up my determination, must learn to exercise restraint in the future, restrained and restrained again!

    This is me, a little girl who loves reading.

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